In college, I studied furniture making and graphic design. So I guess it's no surprise that, in addition to doing commisioned work, I also found myself at a woodworking magazine. I've spent the last 13 years as Art Director at Fine Woodworking magazine. Where, in addition to putting out the world's greatest woodworking magazine, I've had the chance to hone my skills and my knowledge of the craft even further.

Today, I also do quite a bit of teaching with an emphasis on handtool skills. I teach on a regular basis at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana, two of the best schools in the country. Both are great places to take a class if you're interested in making some shavings.

Even though most of my time is devoted to woodworking in one form or another, my real passion lies in making furniture for people. I know that sounds kind of simple, but there's a spark, a connection that's made in working with someone rather than just making work for myself. There's always a creative conversation that takes place and it always leads to something beyond that which I would have envisioned on my own. It's pretty cool. And pretty rewarding. If you have something in mind, feel free to give me a call or drop me a note. Maybe a sketch, or an idea, or just a space that needs to be filled in your home. It's all a good starting point.